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Patient Handling

Umano Medical

Game changing hospital beds for healthcare professionals.

Hundreds of healthcare professionals around the world collaborated with Umano Medical to design a hospital bed that would answer their actual needs. The result was an innovative bed platform that takes a 360º approach to fall prevention and infection control: the ook snow. Because all beds in the ook snow line share the same intuitive design, standardization throughout multiple care environments is now possible.

Today, Umano Medical partners with thousands of healthcare professionals and provides hospital beds and surfaces on four continents. Surely, our team’s talent and 35 years’ experience in the field paved the way for this success.But what people recognize most is our incredible dedication. This everyday commitment to making difference doesn’t go unnoticed. Wondering where that spirit came from? The answer lies in our story.Our experience taught us that greater things could be achieved when we transform challenges into opportunities. It taught us about resilience, agility, and courage. But most importantly, it is that story that made us so driven and ambitious. Discover the milestones that took us to where we are now.

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