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Sterile Processing Department

United Biotech

Innovative Cleaning and disinfecting solutions

Welcome Note

United Biotech is a global provider of cleaning and disinfecting solutions for hospital and healthcare providers. Established in 2003, we have proved to be leaders in cleaning medical devices. We believe and trust in the power of enzymes for cleaning and used our extensive knowledge of enzymes to formulate cleaning solutions that provide the most comprehensive, cost-effective, and thorough cleaning available for each step of the decontamination process.

In addition to enzymatic detergents, we have a range of non-enzymatic, and specialist detergents that cater to all practical problems at hospitals. We care about the integrity and life of surgical instruments and our detergents provide the best protection and passivation in addition to cleaning. 

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality and scientific evaluation of our products has reflected in the sales we achieved and the satisfaction of our customers. Please contact us for supportive information and independent studies on all our products. We are constantly thriving to make our company better so that we can deliver the best solutions for the medical device industry.

Global Expertise

In collaboration with leading decontamination experts in the world, we are confident that our solutions will provide answers to the growing problem of hospital-acquired infections. We not only provide cleaning solutions but also make sure that the decontamination processes are optimized to maximize the benefit of cleaning chemistries. Visit our education section for regular posts and updates on effective medical device cleaning.

The United Biotech pledge

The reality is that cost has become a substantial factor in making purchasing decisions throughout the industry. At United Biotech we understand this and have competitively priced our products. As important as cost containment is to our clients we believe clinical efficacy, quality and performance is still the primary factor in choosing a product. With our products, we feel we have satisfied both these criteria. 

Product Gallery

Contact us for a complete product catalogue.

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