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Flexible Endoscope Repair

Flexible endoscopes are extremely delicate and expensive to maintain. Most facilities attempt to operate on as little inventory as possible. It is critical that these facilities have access to a reliable, affordable repair service with an extensive loaner pool. With our expertise, Medi-sol can meet all these requirements.


Upon arrival at our Lab, your scope is diagnosed and the results, with a quote for repair are communicated back to the customer for approval. Medi-Sol’s Flex Lab has complete repair and refurbishment capabilities, up to and including CCD replacement.


Our technicians come from a variety of backgrounds, each receiving manufacturer’s training, and cross training in different repair techniques. All technicians have completed a 6 level program, ending as a Master Technician.  Our lab is proud to be certified in ISO 13485 standards.


Small Diameter Repair

Our lab specializes in small diameter repair, using fiber bundles which contain a fiber count unmatched in the industry, over 18,000 per millimeter. Our small diameter specialists have pioneered many of the repair techniques used by the manufacturer and have even served as consultants for some of these world-wide manufacturers.



With over 100 flexible scopes, we are able to provide loaner equipment on most makes and models. This loaner pool can be accessed by your facility in 24 hours or less. 


  • Olympus                   

  • ACMI

  • Pentax                       

  • Karl Storz

  • and many more!

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